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November 19, 2011
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End Run - Nebraska Jones  ROG-007 by Bat-Lass End Run - Nebraska Jones  ROG-007 by Bat-Lass
EDIT 4 - Wow it's been awhile since I updated! And there was a lot of stuff to redo here. Another new outfit, much more rogue appropriate. Stil and Vix have both evolved. I updated the look of Apollo, and she has a new pokemon! So it's about time I put this up here! You also get a better look on the scar that's on her side.

EDIT 3 - MY GOODNESS! Another major update within 24 hours of the last! Stuff is getting serious now! Nebraska will be joining the Rogues in round 3! Though she's keeping her jacket.

EDIT 2 - With a month having passed her minor injuries have healed and her hair has grown out a little. Unfortunately her jacket did not survive the crash [a moment of silence] but her new jacket is even snazzier! Though she still isn't terribly trusting; having no where to go during the break she's become more comfortable in the barracks and the people who have continued in the military. She's especially more relaxed with the medical squad who she saw often after having shards of glass embed themselves along her arm. She's also taken to fiddling around the science and research dept. welding and fixing small devices in her spare time (which is most the time).

EDIT 1 - updated form with description of her new pokemon, as well as a tweaked backstory. Essentially the same but with some changes towards her personality since I've had time to develop her a little more.</small>

Nebraska Jones
Age: 27
Height/Weight: 5'6'' and 124 lbs.
Hometown/Region: Celadon City
Military Faction: Air force
Extra items: Lucky dice, goggles, thick pair of gloves, and some spare cash (not much though).

Nebraska is whatever she thinks you like in a person. If she sizes you up and sees that you like the straight arrow patriotic type, that’s her. If you’re looking for a pal to confide in during these desperate times, she’s your new best friend. What she really is though is a practiced liar, and she’s made an art form of it.

She covets her secrecy more than anything, and even if she considers you a friend, she’ll never let you get too close. When her true self does shine through, you’ll see a cold-blooded criminal who would rather flee than fight. Life has taught her some pretty harsh lessons and at the end of the day she'll do what she must to survive. Only special circumstances would have caused her to join up.

Deep down though she is a kind person who has lost herself while mingling with the wrong crowd. Every once in awhile this will shine through; but the life she’s lead has taught her to look out for no one but herself, and old habits are hard to break.

This is her chance for redemption, and her stay in the Air Force will either make or break her.
update: She's come a long way emotionally. While she has people she's comfortable around, and loves her team; she's still a little apprehensive to letting down her walls. Though slowly it is happening.

Before the Great War her family was prosperous, her father a renowned business man with a young son whose future looked bright. During the Great War his son served in the Kanto Army, but an oversight in his work caused the Army a crucial victory and many lives, leading to him to be discharged. The family name disgraced, her father lost his business and they moved to what are essentially the slums right outside of Celadon City. Three years after the war’s end Nebraska came into the world, and breaking under the pressure of losing his life’s work and having to support another child, her father turned to drinking which soon after killed him. The family took the mother’s maiden name of Jones and hoped to leave the shame her father’s named carried behind them.

Her family kept going for her sake, and her brother became the father figure from which she learned a love of welding and working with machines. She eventually grew bitter towards her family though, loathing the poverty she was born into and left at the age of 19 to the city. Once in the main city she fell in with gangsters and gamblers and quickly learned their trade, staying with them until she was 22.

However once she realized that she had been nothing but a pawn for them, she struck out on her own crime spree. Life in the slums and in a gang reaffirmed for her that you are either the user or the used, and refused to be that vulnerable ever again. Though she regretted leaving her family she swore to herself that she wouldn’t go to them until she had enough money for them to live in comfort. But money burns fast in her chosen profession and her reason for not going to them turned to shame and hasn’t seen them since.

Over the next 5 years she honed her craft, but when she stumbled upon a recruitment drive she switched her focus. Part of her is looking for easy money, while the other part is looking to prove herself; not as a good soldier, but as a decent human being.

Not that she’d ever tell you any of this.

Stiletto | Bisharp | Lonely | Defiant | Female
She's small for her species, but has more than enough will power to make up for it. Pushed around by the other Pawniard in her pack, she strives to better herself in combat in the hopes that when she evolves she will take over as pack leader.

But now that she's been thrown into unfamiliar territory, she'll lay low and act complacent until she gets her bearings. These creatures that have captured her are large, but don't look that tough.. Though the one that keeps her in that strange device is intriguing.

Cutlass | Skarmory | Brave | Sturdy | Male
A young Skarmory prone to showmanship and strutting his stuff, he doesn’t quite know what to make of his situation. He’s always been intrigued by humans, but has never been this close to one before. Half of him is tempted to find a way to escape, but his curiosity is too strong and is willing to see what exactly these humans have planned.

Quick to pick a fight if he feels injustice is being done, he’s brave and never runs from a conflict. He likes Nebraska and her seemingly confident attitude and is bold enough to show some playful affection from time to time.

Vixen | Ninetales | Naughty | Flash Fire | Female
Sergei inadvertently gave Nebraska the idea to add a fox to her team. Lil' Vix is vain and likes to tease her metal-clad comrades with her flames. She is also proud and doesn't take insult easily and is very hard working. Though she takes orders from humans well, she's fervent in establishing a hierarchy among other pokemon with herself on the top.

She helps Nebraska in her metallurgy by essentially being a fuzzy and adorable torch.

Apollo | Volcarona | Calm | Flame Body | Male
Apollo was rescued by humans when he was attacked by another Volcarona. If it wasn't for those that saved him we would have died, and has since had a great respect and love for humans. Honourable and humble, while he has a poor understanding of the war, he serves the humans around him diligently. And if they want to give him to this new comer then he is completely fine with that.

He was named by those who rescued him, otherwise Nebraska would have named him something like 'Sunny' or 'Buggy'.

Hammer | Aggron | Naughty | Rock Head | Male
Hammer was the victim of torture by Johto forces when he proved to be an uncooperative weapon. He now harbours a lot of hate for Johto and humans in general, but now that he's with Nebraska he's starting to trust again.

Though while what happened to him was cruel and uncalled for, he's always been a bit of a jerk. Maybe he should keep that side of him in better check.
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Nebraska: Don't worry Elliot! Here's a record I made with all my snarky and sarcastic lines! So whenever you're feeling good about yourself, play this. PLAY THIS AND THINK OF ME!! *piggy back rides Autumn into the sunset*

Now instead of a charismatic ally, you have a charismatic enemy! ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE~!
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